The design of forest landscapes / Oliver W.R. Lucas

Main Author: Lucas, Oliver W. R
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1991.


This volume combines sound landscape principles with detailed examples and practical advice for the conservation and enhancement of landscape in and around managed forests. The author describes the key aesthetic principles and discusses the broader implications of forestry in the landscape.Numerous examples show how forests can be planned to reflect their surroundings, especially in the planting and felling stages. The need to combine forestry practice with a wider understanding is stressed. The choice of species is discussed, as are the design of small woods, shelterbelts, andforest roadsides.

Table of Contents


1Design principles

2Concepts of forest design

3The broad landscape

4Elements of diversity

5Forest shapes

6External margins of the forest


8Design of open space

9Change of species

10Visual impact of forest operations

11Felling and restocking

12Roadsides and recreation

13Small woods and shelterbelts

14The landscape design process

15Design techniques

16Management of landscape design projects


References and further reading