The design of forest landscapes / Oliver W.R. Lucas

Main Author: Lucas, Oliver W. R
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1991.
Review by Choice Review

Lucas possesses the authority and experience needed to combine landscape design with forest management. Dame Crowe, landscape consultant to the UK Forestry Commission, initially advocated attention to British forest landscape and Lucas's book followed. This is a most unusual book, which considers aesthetic qualities with landscape design along with needed changes to reconcile the conflicting requirements of forestry, agriculture, wildlife, and recreation, with shape, visual forces, scale, diversity, and unity most important. Photographs illustrate different countrysides that are well described and are accompanied by illustrations to indicate desirable changes, a necessary part of forest operations. Landscape improvement, of major importance, includes using fertilizer, weeding, cleaning, spacing road construction, maintenance and drainage, firebreaks, felling, and replanting. Excellent, much needed glossary; impressive references. All levels of students of landscape design, and park and forest managers will gain from this book.-C. E. Cheston, University of the South

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