Oak Island and its lost treasure / Graham Harris and Les MacPhie.

Main Author: Harris, Graham, 1937-
Other Authors: MacPhie, Les, 1941-
Published: Halifax, N.S. : Formac Pub., 2019.
Edition: [4th ed.]


Oak Island poses two different challenges for these treasure seekers. First, there is a deep mine shaft -- the Money Pit -- at the bottom of which the treasure lies. This book offers evidence that this treasure came from the wreck of a seventeenth-century Spanish galleon. Then there is the elaborate flood tunnel which links the mine shaft to the ocean. Construction on this tunnel would have been complex and expensive, requiring a labour force of over 100 men, and it would have taken almost two years to complete. Discover the previously untold story of the British military who commanded this labour force in building the underground structure. The island's Money Pit and the tunnel, combined with adverse geological conditions, have ensured that all efforts to uncover the treasure have been unsuccessful to this day.

Civil engineers Graham Harris and Les MacPhie spent over a decade investigating the enigma of Nova Scotia's Oak Island. In this book, they draw on the documentary record to present a compelling and historically accurate description of two centuries of treasure hunting on Oak Island.

Table of Contents


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List of Figures

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Chapter 1Dreams of Buried Treasure

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Chapter 2The Treasure Proves Elusive

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Chapter 3A Flood Tunnel is Confirmed

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Chapter 4The Clues Begin to Accumulate

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Chapter 5Important Evidence is Revealed

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Chapter 6Tragedy and New Discoveries

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Chapter 7A Theory Evolves

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Chapter 8A Brief History Lesson

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Chapter 9An Ancient Mariner

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Chapter 10The Mordaunt Conspiracy

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Chapter 11Military Involvement

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Chapter 12The Value of the Treasure

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Appendix: Summary of shafts, major drilling campaigns and excavations from 1795 to 2005

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